Please inspect your order upon arrival and notify us immediately of any issues.

Electrical Components

All of our used electrical components have been tested. If we can not test the electrical, we will not sell it.

Wiring harnesses from running units that show significant damage - we cut the connectors with enough pigtail to be sold as a connector kits - the OEM number used is for a complete harness to make it easier for our customers to find. These may not have all connectors from the harness. Please refer to pictures before purchasing.

There are NO returns on Electrical Components - New or Used.

Wear Items

Bearings and seals are left in parts – we recommend changing bearings and seals. We do not guarantee bearings and/or seals. It is up to the customers’ discretion on whether they will be using them. Part assemblies that normally have wear items such as bearings/seals, tie rod ends, u-joints, linkage ends included with them will still need inspection and/or replacement. We do not add the prices of used bearings, seals, u-joints etc or any “wear” item into our used parts pricing. If you end up with serviceable “wear” items they are a “freebie”. Yahoo!! We will state in the product description if they have been replaced with new.

Differentials, coolant, oil and brake reservoirs, coolers, radiators - anything else that holds a fluid / liquid will be drained prior to shipping. It is the responsibility of the customer to replace with the correct fluids after installation.

Customer is responsible for fitment and compatibility. Please ask questions by using our email contact form before purchasing.


One of our most requested "kits" is the leftover bolts, nuts, washers etc from our units. These collections may not be complete! Just the leftovers after ripping the machine.


We try to be as accurate as possible.

These are USED parts and they may have scratches, dents, nicks, scuffs, missing paint, surface rust or wear - this should be expected. We use actual photos of used parts, not generic pictures. Generic photos may be used on new items such as oil filters.

If we have misrepresented the part significantly, please contact us and we will return the item with a full refund including shipping.

We retrieve parts pricing from our parts fiche. Regardless of pricing; it will be considered firm and non-negotiable.

View our Terms & Conditions of Sale - this statement is presented at checkout of every order.