How To Measure Your Track!

Tracks are measured in Inches!

    • Width - Is the measurement across the track.
    • Lug / Paddle Height - Is the distance the lugs/paddles extend above the track surface.
    • Drive Pitch - Is the distance – center to center – of the driver lugs on the inside of the track.
    • Length - The inside circumference of the track is calculated by multiplying the drive pitch by the number of track segments, always round to the nearest whole number for proper fitment without additional modifications to the skid.

    How to calculate track length:

    Find your drive pitch - Measure the width between the centre of the drive lugs on the inside of your track (center to center). Count all the drive lugs on the inside of the track.

    Example: 2.52 x 48 = 121” or (pitch) x (lug count) = (length)

    Before you install your purchased track, check the drive direction which will be marked on the track with an arrow.

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