Shipping Outside of Canada


Sign up with RESHIP, then use your Canadian Address to place your order with us. We are not affiliated with but we are happy to suggest this service as a solution for the countless requests we receive to ship to the USA and internationally.

***Our shopping system can only ship to Canadian addresses at this time.***

When creating an account: 1. The billing address will be the address used with your method of payment, so your home address. 2. Your shipping address must be Canadian to validate, you will need to use your Canadian ReShip address to create the account, so be sure to sign up with ReShip then come back to place your order.

If you use this service, our only involvement is shipping your order to the ReShip Canadian address. The shipping charges paid when you place the order cover shipping from our location to the ReShip Canadian address only.  From there, it is between you and ReShip.

Please do not contact us with questions about this service, contact them as it is their service and they know best how to answer your questions.